Are Homemade Solutions Effective Against Termite Infestations?

Termites are insects that, due to their size, it is perhaps easy to underestimate, but it is all a mistake on our part. When they are installed in our home or workplace they can become a real odyssey. In this sense, home remedies that could alleviate the problem caused by its presence are usually ineffective solutions.

Why Do Home Measures Not Work?

The homemade solutions for termites only contemplate a part of the colony, since the attempts to evade them usually concentrate on the affected wood and this will only affect some workers that will quickly be replaced by new individuals.

In this way, we worsen the situation as we encourage the spread of the plague to areas that were not yet affected.

What Are The Best Known Home Remedies For Termites?

Perhaps the best-known home measures are the spraying of gasoline or turpentine on infected wood, but these substances only manage to annoy the termites.

Nor is it usually a good idea to opt for less toxic measures, such as digging into the wood with a punch or breaking the paths created in the mud by the workers, because, as we said, they neither stop the plague nor eliminate the problem, but rather disperse it and multiplies it.

When the termites perceive the threat, those that are being victims of it emit alarm signals to the rest of the individuals in the colony. In other words, they communicate to be able to warn the rest of the termites from a distance that they can still be saved. This communication system is as fast as it is effective, and its high sophistication is our downfall: the possibility of achieving dispersal to uninfected areas of the home is too high to ignore.

What Is The Best Measure To Kill Termites?

The best thing to do in case you detect a termite infestation is to call a professional to do an inspection for you such as Turbo Termite in San Diego, California. A good company will carry out a free inspection to determine the infestation of the termites and then get rid of them completely at a fee.