Frequently Asked Questions

I think my house may have termites. Is there a way I can tell?

  • Termite infestations can go completely undetected for many months and sometimes years. Termites do not make it obvious when they infest a structure. It takes a trained professional to spot the subtle signs that a termite infestation is currently active. Sometimes there are indications such as fecal beads along baseboards or on shelves. Fecal beads look like brown colored grainy sand. The color of the beads resembles sand. Another indicator is wood that becomes spongy to the touch or crumbles when you press on it. A more obvious indicator is when the termites “swarm”. Termites are attracted by bright light and winged termites will fly towards the light, usually ending up swarming around a brightly lit window or glass door that leads to the outside. In many cases, there are no obvious external indicators that your home may, in fact, have an active termite colony.

I found what looks like grainy powder near the baseboard in one of the rooms of my house. Does this mean there are termites there?

  • One of the possible signs of a termite infestation is granulated droppings that can appear on horizontal surfaces near walls, windows, and door frames. However, this in itself is not confirmation that your house has an active infestation. It is best if you call in a professional to inspect your home to determine if an infestation is currently active. The fecal beads may be from a previous infestation that was already dealt with. It is possible for a termite to reinfest a home after treatment is completed. Flying termites swarm periodically. This is how they spread over wide areas.

This morning I spotted what looks like a lot of flying ants all over the inside of one of the windows of my house. Does this mean there are termites in my house?

  • It is possible but not conclusive that your home may have an active termite infestation. Termites are known to “swarm” at certain times of the year and are attracted by bright light. The bright light that streams in through an outside facing window can be especially attractive to swarming termites. However, this in itself is not confirmation that your home has an active termite infestation. There are other insects that also swarm. To be on the safe side, call Turbo Termite and Repair for a free homeowner inspection.

A friend told me that there are several kinds of termites and that my house can have more than one type of infestation. Is this true?

  • Your friend is correct. There are several types of termites. The ones are known to cause damage to structures in Southern California are called subterranean termites and drywood termites. Your home can be infested by either type or by both at the same time. Each requires a different type of treatment for effective eradication and control. For more information about termites and their habits, visit our “about termites” page.

Ok. You’ve convinced me to call for an inspection. How soon can you inspect my home?

  • Turbo Termite and Repair endeavors to meet our customer’s expectations. Depending on our schedule, your home can be inspected within 1 to 2 days after calling for an appointment. Why not call now? Call (619) 422-0123 to arrange for an appointment or visit our “schedule an appointment” page and fill out the form. Someone will contact you during regular business hours, usually within a few hours after you send your message.